“My Reason to be a Freemason”

. . . to Become a Better Man, before God, Country, Neighbor, Family and Myself.

. . . My Search for More light. I have wanted to become a mason for a very long time.

. . . I entered into masonry to learn what it was all about and to bring to the table anything that I had already learned in my life.

. . . Masonry makes a good man better and after seeing the world a little, I know that the best way to go anywhere in life is as a Mason in good standing, without it (Freemasonry) you will be in the dark, and with it you will become a beacon of light.

. . . I am a firm believer in the adage “what goes round comes around” . . . . and that it is very important to me in the way I take care of Family, Business and Life in general. Masonry offered me a way to express Faith in God, Hope that all things difficult as may be will eventually become better and Charity to all that cross my path who are in true need.

. . . I joined Freemasonry because I had done extensive reading/research on the subject of Freemasonry. I had enjoyed the reading, and learned a great deal about the history and beginnings of the rituals.

. . . For me, becoming a Mason has been a lifelong goal, fully realized.

. . . though I didn't realize it until my uncle died at age 90, he was a Mason. At age 49, I had never really thought about the Masonry, but, all of a sudden, it was a worthwhile goal that I just felt compelled to pursue.

. . . I joined because it had been a big part of my Dad's family, and all the people I had met and knew that were Masons always seemed to be good people which made me want to find out what I had to do to be part of this!
. . . One of my co-workers is a Freemason, we were and still are the best of friends and co-workers.